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This works like a charm. I have seen a significant increase in the amount of traffic I am driving to my affiliate links. It is very easy to use and very effective. I will never promote a link on facebook or twitter without it. Thank you for a simple, effective tool that works! is a great tool for easily creating professional looking Facebook or Twitter ads. Just watch the instructional video, create a subject line and upload a photo and link… to get an effective ad that converts well.

I have tweeted 4 tweets promoting affiliate products. Once I figured out exactly how it works, I found I can create the tweet and then just copy the link generated and paste it into a tweet and VOILA!! There’s a beautiful tweet with an image and everything. This is a great product. In fact, this is one of those products that actually delivers just what it promises. I love it!

Susan BowmanRetired
New York/Glenmont USA

I am absolutely loving TWT.FYI This really is a must have tool if you are using Twitter or Facebook to market your promotions as it skyrockets the amount of clicks and engagements you get to your ads.

Andy WhilesOnline marketer
Tamworth, Staffs, UK

Just a quick shout out! This is really a simple to use system. I am super excited. Thank you Steven 

This simplifies the whole process and gives you a much better appreciation than just another affiliate link.

David MellorDigital Marketer
New Brunswick, Canada

This system is an outstanding program. It help me to be able to upload professional posts to Facebook and Twitter audience.

KenService technition
California SF

I am not a heavy user of Tweets and had no experience in using images or link previews. I had to read your instructions 3 times to get a good understanding of the process. Fortunately your instructions were very clear and helpful. My first tweet was for a non Click Bank product and worked as I expected. You can bet my use of link previews for my tweets will play a large part in my promotions!

Charles McGuireRetiree with an Entrepreneurial Bent
Waterloo Ontario Canada

Steven and his team have FAR outdone themselves on this software creation. It is UBER easy to use and makes posting your affiliate links on social media so much easier and hassle-free. The system is simple and the instructions are great…INCLUDING little snags that might get in the way of your image/ad creation. I love it! I truly recommend this tool for your business…it is WORTH its weight in gold. Thanks Steven!

Michelle LakeInternet Marketer
New York, USA

I am very happy with what i have seen. It will certainly help me get more leads and sales from Facebook and Twitter. I highly recommend this product for any newbie affiliate marketer.

Keith GarrattySales and Marketing
Hampshire UK

With this program you receive a very good advantage to other affiliates who use Social Media. I can recommend this tool for marketers who want to create professional posts on Twitter and Facebook.

Watch the following short video to discover how easily you can create a clickable preview for any website! Massively increasing your click-through-rate and putting more money in your pocket!

How does the Free Trial work?

Your FREE TRIAL lasts for 7 days. When your free trial ends, if you decide that TWT.FYI is not for you then simply do nothing. Your trial will expire and we will both go our separate ways. However, if you love TWT.FYI and want to continue using our services, you can subscribe. Once subscribed you can cancel your membership at any time. (Only one free trial per member. If you cancel, then come back later, you can not get a second free trial.)

To begin your FREE TRIAL just enter your email into the form at the top of this page and choose a username and password. You will be able to access the members area and start using TWT.FYI immediately.

Unlike most ‘free trials’ we do not ask for your credit card details. There is nothing to pay, and if you decide that TWT.FYI is not for you, there is nothing to cancel.

Just try us for 7 days. If you like it, sign up. If you decide it’s not for you, do nothing.

We know that our system works. It gets more clicks. Which results in more sales. Which puts more money in your pocket. I’m confident that after trying TWT.FYI for 7 days you’ll realize how powerful (and easy) this system is and the boost in sales that you see from using our system will more than cover the cost of your membership when you decide to join.

How much does TWT.FYI cost after the free trial?

Does TWT.FYI have an affiliate program?

Yes, we pay our affiliates 50% commission on all sales. When somebody signs up to TWT.FYI through your affiliate link we pay you 50% of their monthly membership fee every month for as long as they remain a member.

If images get more clicks, should I just add an image to my post?

When you add an image to a Tweet or Facebook post it doesn’t act as a link. It definitely gets more clicks, but a click simply enlarges the image. Which can actually distract from people clicking on the link in your post. When you use TWT.FYI the image becomes a link to the website you are promoting, so you get a lot more clicks, and a lot more traffic.

Does this put my Twitter or Facebook account at risk?

No. This system is fully compliant with Twitter’s and Facebook’s rules.

Can I use this to link to other websites too?

Yes. You can link to any website using this system.

Can I use this to link to affiliate sites, such as ClickBank products?

Yes. And the system automatically hides your affiliate link too, which reduces the risk of a visitor removing your affiliate ID or trying to steal your commission!

Does it work with tracking ID’s such as ClickBank TID codes?

Yes. If you are using TID codes to track your link on ClickBank they’ll work exactly the same. You’ll still be able to track all of your stats on your ClickBank account correctly. The only difference is that your affiliate ID and TID code won’t show on Twitter or Facebook. Your link doesn’t look like an affiliate link, but it works in exactly the same way.

The website I want to link to already displays a preview in Twitter. Will my link show the default preview or mine?

Your chosen image and preview description will override the default one. So you have full control of how your links will look.

What size image should I use?

800 pixels wide by 420 pixels high.

Do I need to store the images in DropBox?

No. We store all of the images for you on our secure dedicated server. So you don’t have to worry about capture codes, hot-linking, cloud storage or any of that. We take care of everything for you. There is no additional charge for image storage.

How many preview links can I create?

As many as you like! We don’t limit your account in any way. You can create as many links as you need and we’ll store all of your images for you on our secure dedicated server at no additional cost.

Where do I get the images from?

If you’re promoting an affiliate product, it’s a good idea to use an image from the product vendors sales page or affiliate tools page. But you can also use images from royalty-free stock image websites, such as pexels or pixabay. You can’t just Google an image and use that, this would be an infringement of copyright. In the members area we provide links to the websites that we use for our images. You’ll have access to over a million professional images that are royalty-free, and free to use! You’ll never have to pay for a stock image, and you don’t have to include an attribution link.

How do I edit my image to make it the correct aspect ratio?

You will be able to watch a step-by-step video tutorial in the members area that guides you through this process using a free online tool.

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This product is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with TWT.FYI, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund you the entire purchase price, with no questions asked.


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