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Ethan Clarke – helping stuttering people achieve fluent speech

If you are anything like I was…

…you struggle with stuttering and the all-too-familiar complexities (and challenges) that it brings to your life. I mean, you are probably familiar with many of the following problems:

For the overwhelming majority of stutterers?

Your problem is rooted in early childhood.

Likely, when you were just beginning to learn how to speak, your parents noticed something was off…

…you weren’t speaking fluently.

If you are like me, you had the worst stuttering problem in your school and were in speech therapy for years. A few times a week, you would leave your class and receive speech “therapy”.

Unfortunately, speech therapy isn’t very helpful for many. Little measurable progress is made and the stuttering alone is extremely frustrating and debilitating.

For me, one day in particular was very rough.

I stuttered more than usual and broke down in tears. I asked my speech therapist if I would ever stop stuttering. After a long pause, she responded “… probably not…”.

She’s like most speech therapists…

…she just doesn’t “get it”.

She doesn’t know what stuttering actually feels like, or the real world situations that stuttering presents. She also doesn’t really understand how to overcome the problem and use real world solutions to speak fluently in any situation.

A couple years after my speech therapist told me I would probably never stop stuttering, I was tasked with giving a speech in front of my entire school, both parents and students.

Roughly 2000 children and parents were in attendance.

I was only 11 years old.

I practiced and prepared with my therapists and parents for weeks and when the time came to give the speech, I blocked…

…I blocked and I couldn’t get a single word out.

My teacher had to read the entire speech that I had prepared.

I then received a standing ovation from the parents but it wasn’t for any accomplishment – it was a pity-ovation. And that standing ovation was one of the most humiliating moment of my life.

I didn’t receive the ovation because I did a good job, but because they felt sorry for me.

While walking back to class, dozens of fellow students mimicked and ridiculed me.

I’m sure you can probably relate to that.

It was a terrible feeling and I never wanted to feel like that again.

You likely have one or many stories like this that still stick out in your memory and cause pain and frustration to this day.

You very likely may be still accumulating these stories.

For me, it was in that moment that I decided that I would no longer be a stutterer.

I vowed to myself that where speech therapy had failed me, I would succeed.

Add to cart and get exclusive access to my eBook that teaches you the following:

I want to teach you what I taught myself then and since.

I didn’t know it at the time but what I did was break down the psychology of stuttering and build a new way of speaking. Fluent speaking. It’s worked for me and it can work for you. That’s why I’ve created this created this resource: A Pain Free Guide to Fluent Speech.

Since using the using the strategies I’ve developed(outlined in this course), I have been a fluent speaker and everyone in my life can attest to that. From peers to co-workers to family members I have become a fluent speaker and I want you to be one too.

In fact, no one in my life since then has known that I was a stutterer unless I told them so.

Since using the using the strategies I’ve developed to speak fluently, I’ve graduated university, attained three masters degrees, given dozens of public presentations in front of large, unfamiliar audiences, and held jobs where I literally would not have been able to without near perfect fluent speech.

I have come to understand the psychology of stuttering and with it, I have become the master of my own communication and I can show you how to become the master of yours as well.

I want to teach you what I’ve taught myself and developed over the last few decades.

I want to help you achieve fluency like I have and break you out of the prison in your head that holds you back from CONSISTENT fluent speech.

So now I’ll present you with three choices of how you can take action to achieve fluent speech:

We offer a FULL 60-day money back guarantee. Purchase ‘A Pain Free Guide to Fluent Speech’ and if you’re not convinced it helped you improve your speech, just ask for your money back. Simple. That’s over 8 weeks to try us out! It’s easy, just shoot me (Ethan) an email at or use the contact form on this website and let me know – I will not even ask questions. Hey, you can even keep the e-book as a ‘thank you’ just for trying us out. Also, if you feel like it, feel free to let me know what you didn’t like about the book or how we can improve it for others. Our primary objective here is to help as many people as we can.

P.S. One day soon you will honestly look back and know without a doubt this was one of those defining moments in your life when things truly “changed” for you… and starting this journey to achieve real fluent speech helped you reach the success you always knew you had the potential for…

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