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This Easy to Implement System Has Also Helped Many of My Affiliates, Clients and Partners Get Their Ad Accounts, Business Managers or Advertising Access Reinstated When Facebook Told Them The Decision to Close Them Was Final!

✔️ Why Facebook Disables Ad Accounts

✔️ How does the Facebook policy algorithm work

✔️ Why your account reputation is the most important factor Facebook looks at

✔️ The 15 factors that the Facebook policy algorithm looks at when evaluating your profile and ad accounts

✔️ The 4 Industries that are not allowed to advertise on Facebook and how we managed to trick the system safely

✔️ The basics of securing your ad accounts

✔️ How to create compliant Facebook Ads – examples of how we turned high converting content that was against Facebook policies into even better one that Facebook loves.

✔️ How to improve your landing pages according to Facebook policies without reducing the conversion rate.

✔️ How to get compliance feedback on your landing pages FOR FREE, even though Facebook support doesn’t give you any feedback

✔️ 12 Things you can do to improve your accounts reputation faster than you can imagine

✔️ How to monitor your ad accounts status and how to know how big is the risk of your account being shot down

✔️ 5 Measures to drastically reduce the risks of losing your ad accounts or Business managers

✔️ What to do if an ad gets disapproved to not hurt your account’s reputation

✔️ What to do about negative comments and too little engagement on your ads to not hurt your account’s reputation

✔️ How to get your Facebook ad accounts or Business managers back in under 3 days

✔️ How to get your Facebook Advertising Access Re-Instated even when you’re permanently restricted!

✔️ How to write the perfect appeal so that the Policy team will definitely reinstate your accounts. These appeal scripts are different for each type of disablement (Ad account, Business Manager or restricted advertising access) and forces Facebook artificial intelligence to take your case to a manual review!

✔️ How to contact Facebook (5 hidden links you can use) in case your appeal was rejected

✔️  What to do if the appeal is denied and Facebook sais their decision is FINAL

✔️ What do you need to do AFTER you get your account back in order to get all negative flags from your accounts REMOVED

✔️ How to create new Ad accounts and multiple Business Managers and have them record conversion data while staying under the Policy radar.

✔️ How to warm up your new ad accounts in order to increase your Ad account’s reputation

✔️ How to start running Facebook Ads in 5 days from today, SAFELY and ON THE LONG RUN, even if you lost everything: Your Advertising Access, All Ad Accounts and Business Managers, even all ad accounts from friends and family!

The Facebook Ads Circumventing Systems Policy and the Unacceptable Business Practices Policy, are responsible of thousands of affiliate’s Facebook ad accounts shot downs every day!

Facebook’s artificial intelligence sees that a few advertisers have tried to promote different Clickbank products which have their sales page banned by Facebook, and they immediately disable these accounts.

And when you promote these products, and you use similar text on your Landing Pages, plus they see that after the landing page, people land on Resurge’s sales page for example, Right Away, Fb will disable your ad accounts, Business managers or even your advertising access, to prevent possible damages to Facebook users.

That’s how Fb’s AI is programmed and there’s nothing you can do, UNLESS you learn what we did to avoid this policy from disabling our accounts.

This trick has worked amazingly well for us and for everyone who applied it, and for the last 2 months, to my knowledge, none of the people who use it have had their accounts disabled due to violating the circumventing systems policy or unacceptable business practices policies!

Every time you create a new ad or landing page, verify with this checklist before you hit the publish button and this way you will be 100% safe from violating Fb’s policies!!

Every time you’ll have an account or BM disabled, or restricted Advertising access, you’ll know exactly what you need to do before you submit your appeal. Not going through this checklist, will most likely make Facebook deny your appeal.

These are the exact appeal scripts that I, my partners and clients have been using to get 90% of our disabled Fb Ad accounts or BM’s back, sometimes in minutes! You just need to copy paste them and see magic happening!

You’ll also get the scripts that we used for getting an advertising access reinstated!

This is the list of over 2000 words you should block people from commenting on your posts.

You just need to copy them, then go to your page and paste them in the settings, and this way people will not be able to leave nasty comments that hurt both your conversions and your Facebook ad account reputation.

I’m so CERTAIN you’ll love the Secure Your Fb Ad Accounts training that I’m offering you a Money-Back Guarantee.

If you’re not happy, for any reason, just let me know within 30 days and I’ll give you a prompt refund – with NO questions asked. Either you’re happy or you’ll get your money back. Period.

Again, this is a RISK-FREE offer…you CANNOT LOSE. It’s just that simple.

Secure Your Fb Ad Accounts is one of the best trainings ever created on the topic of staying fully-compliant with Facebook ads…

But you will also learn how to reduce your account’s risk-score…and how to win back a disabled account, even how to keep running Facebook ads when you’ve lost everything.

Not at all. In many cases, all you need to do is improve your account’s quality score before you appeal. To appeal before you take those steps, is truly a waste of time & effort.

YES, you need to use a special link that I provide and the special script for restricted advertising access, and before you appeal, you need to improve your account’s quality score. Our partners were able to start advertising again after just 3 days!

It’s based on my own experience and research – and also from insider knowledge that I got straight from a friend Javier, who worked for the Facebook policy department and shared all his knowledge with me.

Unfortunately NO. I’ve had my own account disabled in the past even though I followed Facebook’s TOS. Keeping your risk score low is how you keep your account safe and with the knowledge you’ll get from my course, your risk will be close to ZERO!

My training is for businesses of any size and individuals who run Fb ads for companies and want to safeguard their ad accounts/advertising access and/or get it restored.

This varies from case to case, but what I can say is that I and a few clients of mine who went through the process I share in my training had their accounts restored within days, or a few short weeks after completing all the steps and appealing Facebook’s decision.

That’s why I’m giving you a FULL 30 DAYS to put my training into action before making a final commitment.

If you do the work and get the knowledge, and decide this course is not right for you, just let us know and we will refund your investment.

For anyone running Facebook ads (or is thinking about it), or for anyone who has had their ad account disabled. The course is structured so that both beginners AND advanced Facebook advertisers will benefit.

I’m 100% confident that Protect Your Ad Account will help you not only protect your Facebook ad account – but also to help you in the event it has already been disabled or becomes disabled in the future. That’s why there is a 30-day, money-back guarantee that comes with your purchase today.

We’ve had many clients with these circumstances, and that’s why module 5 explains how to start from zero so that you are back to running Facebook ads in 5 days from today, but this time for the long run!

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