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Stephanie is a Transformational Leader who has been featured as one of the Top 20 Mindfulness Leaders to watch in 2021 by Business Insider.  She is a regular guest of television, podcasts, radio, and magazines helping unlock the power of rewiring the mind for peace and prosperity with permanent, reliable, scientific methods.

I’m being honest, I’ve only done the FIRST module of the program and nevertheless I’ve already noticed drastic changes. I feel more self-aware, I can call myself out when negative thoughts creep in. I don’t have as many bad days and I’m sleeping better because my vibration has elevated to more peace and prosperity. 

If you are experiencing any kind of limiting beliefs; if you’re going through fear or things are just not working out for you, or you feel stuck where you’re at: I cannot recommend highly enough getting ahold of Stephanie Pierucci and getting Manifesting Secrets. It has propelled me to the next level; it has helped me get over a lot of my limiting beliefs. The best thing you can do is get Manifesting Secrets. However, unless you apply it, it’s not gonna work!

Wow this is fabulous! Manifesting Secrets is pure genius; I feel so supported, connected, and, well, WOWed!!

Manifesting Secrets is literally one of the simplest but straight to the point courses I’ve been part of. I love that it’s not just sharing manifestation techniques & tools around mindset – but it incorporates how to use your body, you also have the book that tells you what to do every single day and even what to do (or which lesson to watch) when you’re experiencing a specific emotion and want to shift into a higher frequency. It’s like having a personal guide in our pocket and that’s what makes it next level!  Definitely, 100% recommend to jump in – you won’t regret it. 

I joined Manifesting Secrets to elevate my consciousness, relieve stress, and learn how to manifest a peaceful divorce with my coparent.  Yesterday was the first time I talked to my ex without fear in 20 years!  I know I am doing the best thing for my children and myself by investing in this powerful practice with the VIP Mentorship program.  Thank you, Stephanie!

“Within the first few weeks of the program I began sleeping better than I had in years. I am a better father and during the Life’s Purpose training I learned what my deepest desires are. I connected with my highest and future self and manifested my dream career. Best of all, I manifested a life that gives me more time and Presence with my son. The breathing modules are life altering! I love the asana and it helps with my active lifestyle to come back to my center mindfully.”

“Manifesting Secrets has allowed me to understand the Link between the brain, the body and manifestation. Now, I have a stronger focus on breathing techniques, meditation, and Asana which are geared towards brain integration.  Thanks to the teachings of this course, I have been able to integrate these practices into my daily life with ease and joy. I am eager to share this life-changing knowledge with anyone on my path who is open to receive it.”

My experience with this Training is that before even finishing the first module, I already saw major positive changes in my presence and grounding! I don’t even teach my yoga classes the same way; even my check-in’s are different. I’m really proud and excited!

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