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introducing:Realtime Research!

x2 more New & In-Demand keywords than any other tool!

No out-dated keywords that nobody is searching for years!

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We’re doing SEO for 17 years.

We work with all the top keyword research tools out there. You name it.

So why we decided to create a keyword research tool of our own?

Like many other SEO guys, we were very impressed with tools bragging about having the largest keyword databases.

“Oh, very impressive, they must be serious guys”, we thought…

Until one day, we caught them.

We noticed that their results contained many out-dated keywords, keywords that nobody is searching for anymore.

Even worse, they presented some of the keywords as they were searched by people only days ago.

We were furious about all the time and money we spent to create content around out-dated keywords that nobody cared about.

Since we couldn’t rely on these fancy tools, we created our own keyword research tool, reliable, with freshly updated results and real statistics.

This tool shows you only the keywords people are searching for nowadays, not the keywords people searched five years ago and got stuck in the tool’s database.

The proof

How could we even know that there are keywords that nobody is searching for anymore?

This is easy.

People often search for something and add the current year number to the search term – to make sure they get the latest results.

For example, in 2021, people search for “best diet 2021”. You can only guess that almost no one is searching for “best diet 2016” or “best phone 2016” in 2021.

We compared Keyword Bull with some of the leading tools and saw which provided the least out-dated keywords and which the most up-to-date keywords.

Let’s check the search terms “best diet 2016” & “best phone 2016”, terms that probably nobody is searching for anymore.

It look like Ahrefs & ubersuggest are just spitting out keywords that they piled up in their databases over the years.

Don’t take our word. Go and check this yourself.

Now, what about new & fresh keywords?

Let’s check the search terms “best diet 2021” & “best phone 2021”, which probably many people are searching for in 2021.

The results are clear.

Keyword Bull is finding the most recent, new, and accurate keywords.

How come?

Because all the other keyword tools are accumulating and stacking their databases with keywords, they have found over the years without removing the out-dated keywords.

They are doing this for two reasons:

In Keyword Bull, we don’t store keywords in databases for future use.

Every time you perform research, even the same research day after day, we go in real-time and discover all the current related and derived keywords that people are searching for nowadays.

So where we take the newest keywords from?

Have you noticed that when you start to type something in Google’s search bar, it automatically suggests you with complementary keywords?

And every letter you’re typing in, some of the suggestions are changed accordingly.

As you can guess, this feature is called the autocomplete suggestion tool.

How Google (and other search engines) decide what keywords to suggest to you?

Very simple.

It knows what most people are searching for and show you the most likely suggestions you will choose.

The auto-suggested keywords are updated by Google regularly, and this is the most updated source of data for up-to-date keywords.

For example, when we type in “best diet 2”, Google suggests

Google autocomplete suggestions tool doesn’t suggest you the keyword “best diet 2016”.

This is because no one is searching for this keyword anymore.

And yet, all other keyword research tools are suggesting these out-of-date keywords.

But that’s more complicated than that.

Search terms containing a year number are straightforward to know whether they are new or out-of-date.

But what about other keywords without a year number?

How can you tell those keywords are relevant or out-of-date?

With the other tools, you can’t.

How Keyword Bull provides so many fresh keywords so fast?

Keyword Bull has an advanced back-end technology that scans and digs in real-time for all the keywords found in the autocomplete suggestions.

More than that, we have techniques and ways to secretly have Google and other search engines to tell us about hidden in-demand keywords that they don’t even show to the user.

Keyword Bull has two research algorithms to help you get the most insights:

Packed with features & benfits

Keyword Bull is a professional keyword research tool.

It doesn’t just spit out keywords results with statistics and let you rack your head with excel files.

Keyword Bull has built-in features & tools needed to analyze and build endless keyword lists.

Two Research Tabs

Two research tabs allow you to speed up your research process and find the quality easy to rank keywords you need in half the time otherwise.

Two Research Algorithms

Two keyword research algorithms ensure you will have access to all the keyword ideas and get the most recent, fresh, and newly searched keywords so you will not miss new visitors.

Word Analysis

The word analysis scans thousands and 10,000’s of keyword results and finds out which sub-topics are the most popular & profitable, and get much more SEO insights (everything explained in our tutorials).

Internal Keyword Lists

In Keyword Bull, you don’t have to save dozens of excel files to keep your job. Here you can save any results list, filtered, selected, or even imported in a named keyword list and come back to work on it whenever you want.

Keyword Import & Export

Unlike other tools, Keyword Bull allows you to import keyword lists from files, or just by typing them, and analyze or save them, as you wish, even keyword lists you already have from other tools you’re using.

Advanced Filters

Advanced filters allow you to work on your keyword lists, understand them, and select only the keywords you need.

Hate Subscriptions? We too!

Please note that this is a limited-time COVID-19 deal opportunity and we may cancel it with no prior notice.

“Keyword Bull provides so many highly targeted (long-tail) keywords that I don’t find elsewhere. These keywords alone added over 20% targeted visitors to our websites.”

Ari Klein

“Keyword Bull is the most advanced keyword research tool for long-tail keywords. It’s “x10 results” feature dig so deep and find keywords I didn’t get elsewhere, yet without spitting out irrelevant keywords while doing that. Masterpiece!”.

Yuval Marzan

“Keyword Bull’s “Word Analysis” is awesome. I use it to improve my existing web content and YouTube videos and make them rank even higher. This alone worth it all.”

Sandy Kissil

“Keyword Bull’s data is daily updated and accurate. No other tool I used allowed me to access real-time keywords. I’m sure this is one of my secret weapons to overrank my competition.”

Sharon Almog

“What I love the most in Keyword Bull is the double research tabs. This is brainstorming on steroids. With other tools, I had to export every query to Excel. Keyword Bull makes my life much easier and allows me to invest more time on other business tasks.”

Danny Reicher

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