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Richard Saporito


or more than 20 years now, I’ve been a restaurant/hotel service consultant and waiter trainer—- in many diverse and profitable establishments.
Also a noted author and keynote speaker, I have helped hundreds of businesses in the NYC/Metro Area, nationally and around the World ranging from small independent start-ups to large scale corporate operations.
In that time, I’ve been part of some extremely successful restaurants, but also
witnessed many that struggled unnecessarily.
In my experience, the primary factor that
separates successful restaurants from
those that struggle, is the level of
service that is provided to the customer.
Sure, the location, menu and marketing play a part,
but the most successful restaurants all have one
thing in common…

They provide
customer service which exceeds their customer’s

Why is
this so vital?

Well, consider these
statistics from the White House Office of Consumer Affairs
Washington, DC…

For every complaint
you’re aware of, there are 26 additional customers who

have unresolved problems or complaints…

A dissatisfied
customer will tell 9 to 15 people about their
displeasure and
sometimes they will tell as many as 20.

On the other hand, this
same group also found…

Up to 96% of
customers would do business with you again if they felt
you acted
quickly and to their satisfaction and many said they
would refer other people.

On average, happy
customers will tell 4-6 people about their positive

Businesses that provide
extraordinary customer service can improve their
profitability, increase market share and will have customers
who are willing to pay
more for their products and services simply because of the
extraordinary service

Think about

Why do
people “eat-out?”

Most do it
because they want to escape the “realities” of their
everyday life.  They
want to escape the labors associated with cooking at

The preparation, the cooking and the
inevitable clean-up that’s required.

They want to
be pampered a bit…

The Bottom Line…

Improving the customer
service in your restaurant will help you make more money
and experience more growth. It can also help you save
a significant amount of money in advertising costs as your
customers will become your most effective form

Anyone involved in
advertising or marketing a restaurant knows three things…

Word-of-mouth marketing is by far
the best kind (& it’s free)

It’s far more expensive to acquire
a new customer than it is to keep a current one

Happy customers return
time-and-again and will refer you to family and friends

“…helping us to elevate
our dining room customer service!”

“This book has a lot of great organizational tips helping us to elevate our dining room customer service. Sales increased dramatically!”

Stephen Carty –
Molly Spillane’s
Mamaroneck, New York

There is
absolutely no downside to improving your dining
room service so I’m
guessing you have only two questions for me…
How can I help you improve your dining room
How much is this going to cost?
Well, I’ve taken my 30-plus years of experience
as a restaurant professional and have
written an ebook which you can download and
benefit from immediately.
Inside this ebook, entitled “How To Improve
Dining Room Service,” you will find
everything you need to improve your restaurant’s
organization, exceed your customer’s
expectations and increase your profits.No stone is left unturned…

In detail,
the book shows you how to make
immediate improvements in:

Front Door and Reservation Desk DutiesSeating Maximization and EfficiencyDining Room Preparation and OrganizationDining Room Awareness and FunctionalityMenu Knowledge and Effective UpsellingService Staff Scheduling RequirementsTraffic Flow Guidelines Sanitary Rules and AdviceSafety Information Customer Service Satisfaction ConceptsIn this Awesome Book, you will also find: Basic Training Manuals for each Restaurant Position: Waiter Training ManualBartender Training ManualBusser Training ManualFood Runner Training ManualHost/Maître d Training Manual (Chapter #1)Basic Learning Sheets for Menu Knowledge and Upselling:Basic Cocktail Learning SheetFood Preparation Methods & Menu Upselling Methods Learning SheetMandatory Forms for All Restaurant Staff:Job Application FormEmployee Disciplinary Formand Much More!

The Results Are Astounding!

find your restaurant runs smoother, your
customers and staff happier,
and realize greater profitability through higher
sales and increased business.

Who Was This Written For?

Whether you are a restaurant owner, manager or a member of the dining room service staff you will greatly benefit from “How To Improve Dining Room Service!”
As a matter of fact, this information is also invaluable to anyone who has opened a new restaurant or is planning on doing so.

who will benefit…

restaurants will learn how to quickly elevate their dining room service, increase average sales, improve overall efficiency, reduce waste and explode repeat business as they exceed their customer’s expectations.

restaurants or those planning on opening a
restaurant will learn how to get organized right
from the start and quickly establish themselves
as a restaurant of excellence!

Members of the entire dining room service staff will have individual manuals to immediately understand what is expected of their respective restaurant positions. They will discover how to increase their efficiency and dazzle their customers through excellent service making more money because of the increased guest satisfaction and higher overall sales.

In addition
to the ebook, you will also receive my
Restaurant Performance Evaluation Guide.

Restaurant Performance Evaluation Guide is an
in-depth series of more than 60
questions. These questions represent what is
most important from a customer’s

If you
answer these questions honestly, you will gain a
deep understanding of how
your customers feel about YOUR restaurant!

Inside, you’ll
find questions pertaining to:The Outside Appearance of the RestaurantFront Door and Dining Room Appearance Detailed Menu AnalysisAmbiance & Overall Restaurant ComfortWaitstaff Service, Skills, Technique and TimingTable Maintenance Throughout The Dining ExperienceFood Preparation and QualityService Ending IssuesPayment Handling Restrooms and Sanitation Concernsand Much More!

Using this
guide, you will be able to see your restaurant
the way your customer sees
it. It will help you determine what things you
are already doing right and what
areas need improvement.
Every restaurant who has used my guide has
experienced immediate benefits. After
all, you’re making improvements to the areas of
your restaurant which matter most to
your customers.
You will also get my new publication entitled
the “Dining Service Exam.”

Each answer
is explained in detail so your staff
will understand
the concepts behind them.

This is a
valuable resource and one you can
use again
and again.

In addition
to the exam, I’m giving you Six Free Dining Room
Service Tools that will save
you both time and money.

These are
the same exact tools I use in my
Restaurant Consulting practice and
will further enhance both your restaurant’s
efficiency and productivity.

Here’s a
look at the Six Free Dining Room Service Tools you’ll
when you order today…

Your 6 Free Dining Room Service
Tools include:

“Ten For Service”

Ten for Service
covers the Ten “To-Do’s” To Help
Improve The Dining Room Service Of
Each & Every Shift!

It will enable
whoever is responsible for a
particular shift (Whether that is
the owner, manager, a member of the
waitstaff or the host) to quickly
check to make sure
everything is in order before the
shift begins.

While somewhat
simple in nature, “Ten For Service”
helps to relieve stress, increase
efficiency and communication between
staff and helps to set the tone for
a positive
and rewarding shift.

“Dining Room Schedule”

The Dining Room
Schedule is an Excel® spreadsheet
that allows the restaurant owner or
manager to quickly manage all
employees schedules and assignments.

The document
continues the concepts taught in the
book and will increase the
efficiency of the owner or manager
while improving communication
between staff.

This document
is supplied in both Microsoft Excel®
format and in PDF format. This way,
the document will
be valuable to those who do not use
Excel® and would prefer to fill out
the Dining Room Schedule by hand.

“Daily Reservation Sheet”

The Daily
Reservation sheet is also an Excel®
spreadsheet which will allow the
host to perform at
top efficiency.
It allows the host to quickly track
who is on shift and where they are
assigned. It also keeps record of
reservations and a waiting list so
the host can improve seating
efficiency and minimize wait times.
As with the Dining Room Schedule,
the Daily Reservation Sheet is
supplied in both Microsoft Excel®
and PDF formats.

“Incident Report”

The Incident
Report is a document of extreme
importance. While our material
contains valuable advice to help you
avoid accidents, it is important you
prepare for them in advance.
The Incident Report will help you
accurately capture the information
so vital to your business and the
incident in question. It’s the one
document you really don’t want
to use but having it offers much
needed protection.
The Incident Report is supplied in
both Microsoft Word® and PDF format
so you can customize the document to
suit your restaurant’s needs.

“Substitution Sheet”

Substitution Sheet makes the process
of keeping track of employee
shift-substitutions a breeze.
Over-staffing, as well as
under-staffing, are both easily
avoided when there is clear advance
communication as to who is working
each shift.

Substitution Sheet helps to maintain
clear communication between
management and staff and will
produce greater efficiency in your
restaurant’s operation.
It is supplied in both Microsoft
Excel® and PDF format.

“Sample Menu Description”

As explained on
page 13 of the ebook, one way to
increase both dining room service
and restaurant profits is by
expanding the product knowledge of
each member of the waitstaff.
One easy way to do this is by
providing the waitstaff with a Menu
Description sheet that further
describes each menu offering and
offers suggestions of items that
might enhance the diner’s
The provided Sample Menu Description
quickly illustrates exactly how this
process works and will help you
shortcut the time it will take to
prepare one for your own restaurant.

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This material has been
carefully laid out to bring you and your
restaurant maximum benefits in the shortest
time possible and I Personally Guarantee
Your Satisfaction!

Extra Added Bonus!!!!

Included with all of the valuable information above are 30 of my Finest Restaurant Service Improvement Articles!!!
Utilize this awesome information to educate yourself, management and dining room service staff week in and week out of your dining room operations. This will constantly reinforce your employee’s knowledge, skills and technique in providing superb service to your restaurant guests—immediately noticeable in your bottom line!!!
Below is a list of all article titles:

ebook and supplemental materials follow the
exact same system I use when conducting
hands-on restaurant consulting only for a
fraction of the price.

I continually receive
emails from restaurant owners, managers and
staff from around the world with rave
reviews of my “How To Improve Dining Room
Service” system and
I guarantee it will work
for you!

Here’s just a few more “Rave

“Thanks to your book…”

“Thanks to your
book I can now display great service in my restaurant!”

Francis Le
Roux –
De Ark Guesthouse,
Lydenburg, South Africa

“This is a great book…”

“This is a
great book for fixing dining room service problems. 
Our restaurant runs smoother now and our customers have
never been happier!”

Ted Lo
Russo –
Manager, Canyon Road Restaurant,
NYC, New York

“Wonderful information…”

“Wonderful information! We will be utilizing this excellent publication for our restaurant consulting and training services”

Debbie Thomas CEO, School for the Service Arts
Master Hospitality Trainer, Certified Special Events and Dining Room Professional
-San Diego, California

“Thanks so much…”

“Thanks so much, your manual was very interesting, easy to read with many items that we retracted and used for our operations. It had an amazingly positive effect on our bottom line!”

Marc C. Moulinet –
Director of Services, Horseshoe Bay Resort, Marble Falls, Texas

Your Guarantee?

Honestly, I’ve been
helping restaurants (of all shapes & sizes) for a long time now.

I’m so confident that
my information will help you improve your
dining room service, your restaurant’s
efficiency and help you to make more money
by increasing your average sales as well as
from an increase of business.

That’s why I can give
you my Personal Guarantee with complete

My Personal 100%
Moneyback Guarantee…


Thank you for your purchase,

What Does It Cost You Ask?

Well, I think you’ll be
pleasantly surprised! 

Because I’m supplying you the materials in a downloadable format it helps to keep my overhead low. It also means you will receive the ebook, the evaluation guide, the exam, the Six Free Dining Room Service Tools, and 30 insightful articles on Restaurant Service Improvement IMMEDIATELY AFTER PURCHASE!

I want it to be
affordable for anyone and to benefit as many
restaurant owners, managers and waitstaff as
I possibly can.

That’s why, for a
limited time, you can get this entire
package for only…

Here’s what you get
when you order today…

Richard, I Want To Improve
Dining Room Service!

Understand I’ll Be Receiving
Your New Ebook, “How To Improve Dining Room
Service” Which Will Help Me To Improve Dining Room Service, operate more
efficiently and make more money.

I Also Acknowledge That I’ll Receive your “Restaurant Performance Evaluation Guide,” the “Dining Service Exam”” 30 Restaurant Service Improvement Articles,” & The Six (6) Exclusive Bonuses You’re Offering For Acting Immediately.

I Understand That I Have A Full 8 weeks To “Test Drive”

Your System and If I
Don’t Like It… I Don’t Pay!

>>Click Here Now
For Immediate Access!<< ClickBank sells our products - they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products (We reserve the right to end this "Limited Time" pricing at anytime without warning.)

To your restaurant’s success,

PS – I’m confident “How To Improve Dining Room Service”
will help you improve your restaurant’s service, increase
efficiency, and add more money to your bottom line!

Don’t delay…
Click here For
Immediate Access and get going today!

PPS – Remember, there’s absolutely
NO RISK! Because I know my system will work for you, I’m willing
to let you “test drive” it for 8 Full Weeks and assume all the

If you don’t feel my “How To Improve Dining Room Service” ebook, the “Restaurant Performance Evaluation Guide,” 30 Restaurant Service Improvement Articles,” the “Dining Service Exam,” (& Six Free Bonuses) was worth your investment, then you don’t pay… Period!

Just email me and you’ll get all your money
back without any hassles… You have my Personal Guarantee! 
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Order Now!

“…helping us to elevate
our dining room customer service!”

“This book has a lot of
great organizational tips helping us to elevate our
dining room customer service. Sales increased dramatically!”

Stephen Carty –
Molly Spillane’s
Mamaroneck, New York

“This is a great book…”

“This is a
great book for fixing dining room service problems. 
Our restaurant runs smoother now and our customers have
never been happier!”

Ted Lo
Russo –
Manager, Canyon Road Restaurant,
NYC, New York

Order with
confidence on 100% secure servers.

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